14 December 2020

Update in line with Road Map to Recovery – Public Activities direction No 16

To all valued Dzintari users,

Camp Dzintari is open to customers in line with Public Activities Direction 2020 (No 16) that comes into effect at 12:01 am December 7th  2020.

While physical distancing of 1.5 m is still encouraged, social distancing requirements within venues will be reduced to one person per two square metres.

Camp Dzintari is aware of current infection control and precautionary measures as recommended by health authorities and set out in the COVID Safe plan. Camp Dzintari agrees to comply with general and specific obligations under current Emergency Management Directions and has the COVID-Safe Plan is available at site, and in turn requires its hirers to comply with the same requirements.

In line with this plan, Camp Dzintari is limiting camper numbers to a maximum of 131 people on site (excluding caretakers). This is based on food service occurring both in the dining hall and Common Room, and 50% occupancy of our main dormitories.

As Dzintari is a dry hire facility, there are certain obligations of both the hirers and Camp Dzintari, which are listed out in the table below:

What Dzintari will provide

Obligations of hirers

  1. Make COVID Plan ready for inspection as required
  2. Conduct Deep full surface cleans between camps in all areas
  3. Provide hand sanitiser at entry of dining room and common room.
  4. Provide liquid soap, paper towels, toilet paper, shower cleaner spray (including MSDS and instructions), and check levels daily to ensure adequate supply (please contact caretakers if they are running low)



  1. Hirers must provide attendance record, including the name, phone number or email address, and date and time of people attending Camp Dzintari.
  2. Follow Physical Distancing guidelines
    - 1 person per 2 square metres.
    - Group activities should be limited to max 2 hour duration.
    - Food serivce to be held as follows if camp size is greater than 96
       - Dining Room – 96 (excluding kitchen)
       - Common Room - 35 (including kitchen)
  3. Ensure room occupancy is no greater than the signposted maximum per room
  4.  Maintain hygiene
    - have an allocated COVID Marshall onsite around all food service specifically (unless there is a government mandated exception)
    - Conduct frequent cleaning common touch points in common areas such as dining room and bath rooms
    - ensure shower cubicles are cleaned after each individual use (cleaning product will be supplied by Camp Dzintari)
    - Ensure there are no communal food or beverage service areas (such as buffets, salad bars or communal water/beverage dispensers)
    - Cleaning of shared kitchen crockery, cutlery and food preparation items after each use.


This is a challenging time for everyone in Australia and we will do our best to support you.

The Board.


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